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Post  Andrew on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:03 am

I have noticed someone along Gore Road has been sticking adhesive labels to vehicles that they don't like parking there. This is really not acceptable in my view. I once noticed a threatening note stuck on a small car. I was passing when the girl who owned it returned to find the offensive note. Turned out that she actually was living in Gore Rd anyway ( for a few months ) and worked as a nurse - not that the note writer had any rite anyway. She was very upset.
I recently parked my wifes car in Gore rd for a few days. It looks a bit rough ( an old family hand me down ) which she used to take the kids to nursery, playgroups etc. I returned to find the window smashed but no attempt to open a door - I hope this is not more of the same vigilante activity.
When I lived in Gore Rd ( now Morpeth ) I was verbally attacked for parking there after I first moved in. Although we later laughed it off - its not for residents to try to control parking in that Road and these actions are out of order.


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