CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) proposal by Hackney Council

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CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) proposal by Hackney Council

Post  jzp on Thu May 14, 2009 10:26 am

Is anyone else concerned about the recent CPZ proposal from Hackney? If they restrict parking in the rest of Victoria Park Road, it will put a lot more pressure on the visitors/residents parking bays on the estate. And as we have no control over that anyway, I'm worried it may be a disaster.


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CPZ Parking

Post  RayAtPennethorne on Sun May 31, 2009 4:13 pm


Well I contacted The Crown Estates, The Town hall & Sarah Izzard at Lamberts.

All parties agree that the council have no juristiction over private estates & the town hall admitted they had made a mistake & should issue a revised map to show the changes excluding the Crown Estate properties.

Although the "blurb" from the council states that the increase in area is not a way of raising further revenue, they failed to convice me that it is not. Also they could not reasonably explain that a car of a specific make & size would have to pay more heavily if it had a larger engine installed even though it occupied the same length of kerbside.

I also pointed out that if they'd done their original homework more thoroughly they would not now need to consider an increase. The larger the area covered by a CPZ the more pressure is applied to the perimiter, so reducing the area covered would reduce the pressure. Increasing the area would put other people on the new perimeter under pressure which would mean another survey would be necessary at some time in the not to distant future. They are self-generating a source of income for themselves.

I would advise everybody to say no to this proposal. This would reduce the possibility that we might get "outsiders" parking in our visitors parking areas.

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CPZ Gore Road and nearby streets - YES PLEASE

Post  Alan Thomas on Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:58 am

Living on Gore Road we have to suffer it being used as a (often long term) van park. I can almost tolerate the commuters who park in the morning and leave in the evening, at least they are mainly cars and do not block view and light as vans do when they are parked directly outside one's downstairs bay window for days/weeks on end. Then of course there are the taxis which are long term parkers as well while they await there next driver pick up, or worse, eventual repair. I am sorry if the idea of an extended CPZ worries residents of the Christchurch Estate about misuse of residents bays. It should be within the wit of the Agents to install measures (inc towaway threats) to limit this. We have NO way of controlling parking on Gore Road short of using the admittedly blunt weapon of CPZ (or resorting to the unacceptable but understandable vandalism I have read about elsewhere on this forum). We do have a garage at the moment so this helps but for how long this may remain seems to be in question with a lot of talk of removal of the Morpeth Road garages. Unlike Ray I urge a vote for acceptamce of a CPZ should such a ballot arrive.
Alan Thomas

Alan Thomas

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Re: CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) proposal by Hackney Council

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