Burnt out car on Christchurch estate

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Burnt out car on Christchurch estate

Post  Guy on Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:29 am

Sara Izzard from Lamberts has told me that the burnt out car on Christchurch estate will be removed this week...

"The car will be removed this week. It did not belong to anyone on the estate and by law we are supposed to give notice before removing a vehicle, in the end we were unable to track the owner down because he no longer lives at the cars registered address"

She also mentioned some other incidents over the last few months...

"There was a break in at Skipworth Road (a car, bike and coat), the door was forced open in 2 other small blocks on the estate, but nothing was stolen because they could not gain access into any of the flats. Two flats have also had windows broken by kids throwing stones through them. There has been other graffiti on the other side of the estate also. A bit of lead had been stolen off roofs also, but that was mainly just before I took over. Also, a light was smashed to bits last week for no reason".

Good to know these things...I guess.

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