Beware burglars

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Beware burglars

Post  Hester on Fri Jul 23, 2010 7:40 am

There is a group of 2 to 4 youth (on bikes, wearing hooded tops) going through the estate looking for opportunities to break in. There was one attempt last Sunday (around 3 in the morning) when they climbed onto a hanging basket? and tried to get into someone's bedroom (incident has been reported to police) at Agnes Close. Again last night (Thursday around 4 in the morning) the same group tried to break into a garage (again Agnes Close). The same group also attempted to enter the hallway of the flats on Agnes Close to steal bikes a while ago and have been seen coming through the estate particularly on Sun nights. When confronting them they say they're looking for a ball!!! Beware and try to have a good look when you see them. Police is looking for description, witness. Will contact SNT but if you have witnessed similar attempts let me know. Hester


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Re: Beware burglars

Post  RobHarries on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:39 am

They also attempted to open a garage door (number 37) in Pennethorne Close last night (Thursday) at 4am, but were disturbed and fled.
It wasn't possible to get a proper description (too dark), but I presume it's the same lot.

I guess we need to keep an eye out.


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