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Post  RobHarries on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:12 am


Does anyone have one or two bricks of the kind used for the low walls in and around Pennethorne Close and Christchurch Square? I don't mean the bricks that lay on the top of the walls - those are apparently engineering bricks - but the ones that make up the bulk of the walls (and also the walls of the houses in that area).

I am having some gardening work done, including some brickwork, and I'd like to match the bricks used with the existing ones.
I have already tried Kevin and the other estate workers, and picked up a couple of halfbricks that they had lying around, but they're not really representative of the mixture of colours involved.

Any help appreciated, and you can have the bricks back after the gardener has used them to source the stock!

Thanks in advance


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