What to do about NOISE from neighbours

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What to do about NOISE from neighbours

Post  paddy patrick on Sat Jan 24, 2009 2:48 pm

Please any suggestions on what to do about terrible noise from the flat above mine?

Slamming of the front door is a favourite, every evening from 4pm until 10pm ok not all the time hour wise but 7 days a week and wakes my little one, the whole downstairs and upstairs shakes!

Children running up and down ONE flight of stairs yes not alot of stairs but still the noise is terible, I will invite anyone into my home so that they could hear what I have to put up with 7 days a week from this one family.

What can I do if anything about this horrible issue which is being to affect my life and living here in my lovely home I have 3 children myself so understand that yes they can be loud at times so Im not against the children please dont think that of me but I do feel like I have no where to turn at the moment.

Any ideas PLEASE Crying or Very sad

paddy patrick

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Post  Joannie Andrews on Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:52 am

This has been an issue over the years. The Crown are supposed to, with every new let, explain the difficulty of living in a multi-occupied dwelling.
I suggest you discuss, if you have not done so already, with your neighbours. Then inform the Crown. As the landlord they are responsible for sound insulation.

Joannie Andrews

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Noise from neighbour

Post  syed.noor on Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:27 am

Hi My name is Syed Noor and I work as the Anti-Social Behaviour Team Manager at Hackney Homes. If you live in the Borough of Hackney you can contact us on 0208 356 7800 and and report ASB during working hours. Hackney Homes also have a Out of Hours Anti Social Behaviour Team and they can be conctacted on 0208 356 3310.

If you are experiencing noise nuisance you may contact the Hackney councilís environmental health team on 0208 356 4455 who will investigate complaints and get evidence of excessive noise. If a formal investigation finds evidence of noise nuisance, a noise abatement notice can be issued. The notice requires the noise nuisance to stop. Pollution control operates a reactive telephone service to deal with complaints of noise and other nuisance, from 9am to 5pm daytime and out of hours on: Thursday, 6.30pm to 2am Friday morning; Fridays, 9pm to 5am Saturday morning; Saturdays, 9pm to 5am Sunday morning; Sundays, 6.30pm to 2am Monday morning.

If I can be any help or assistance please contact me on 07932 494 376

Syed Noor
Prospective Respect Councillor for Bethnal Green North


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Re: What to do about NOISE from neighbours

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