Welcome to the Forum, and the rules of engagement

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Welcome to the Forum, and the rules of engagement

Post  admin on Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:08 am

This forum is above all for the exchange of views, questions, and stories by the residents of the Victoria Park Crown Estate, whether they are members of the Residents' Association or not.

All are welcome here, except forum spammers or commercial advertisers. The quality, interest, taste and indeed humour of posts is very good for a forum of this nature. We ask you to keep it that way.

Anonymous posting by registered members is allowed and indeed we think that a measure of forum anonymity encourages people, especially those who may be shy, to write honestly about their views and concerns.

We do not want to impose censorship but posts that are regarded as illegal or go beyond the borders of offensiveness, or that contain indecent words, will be moderated.

Thank you, and enjoy the forum.


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